The best way to find vulnerabilities in your software is by doing penetration testing. This is a simulated cyberattack against your application to reveal the weak spots in the system’s defenses.

Pentesting can be done in several ways: black-box, grey-box, or white-box, depending on how much access (e.g., source code, credentials) the client is willing to provide. Typically, the more access a pentester has, the more fruitful results will be.

3-step service process

Our team of specialists offers smart and efficient pentest solutions just in three simple steps:


A kick-off meeting to agree on the scope


Pentesting (2-5 weeks, depending on the scope)


The final report that highlights the identified vulnerabilities


At Iterasec, we cover a broad technical scope, depending on the aim, required level of detail, and the level of risk. We also provide specific tests for each platform:

Mobile icon Mobile
Web icon Web
API icon API
IoT icon IoT
Cloud icon Cloud
Infrastructure icon Infrastructure

Why choose Iterasec?

We will combine innovative pentest tactics and our experience to analyze your software for exploitable vulnerabilities and strengthen your security posture. Iterasec ensures:


Manual pentests performed by highly-skilled security experts, certified with OSCP, CEH, and other security certifications


Working according to proven methodologies, like OWASP, MITRE, and more


Transparent communication and accurate project management


Security findings with demonstrated business impact


Support to properly fix the identified vulnerabilities


Efficient and agile pentesting of the full system or its components

By cooperating with Iterasec, you get compliance with PCI, HIPAA, SOC2,3, OWASP, and more, an independent evaluation of your software and infrastructure security, and increased software quality thanks to avoiding critical security vulnerabilities.

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