Container platform security audit

Every container has many components that can pose security risks and vulnerabilities.

What we check:
Cluster setup Cluster setup
Correctness of configuration, testing access to kubectl, RBAC, Network policy, etc.
Security hygiene Security hygiene
Updates, minimal OS, IAM roles, monitoring, audit logging, verifying deployed binaries, etc.
Known attacks Known attacks
Disabling default tokens and dashboards, scanning images for known vulnerabilities, etc.
Impact of microservice compromise Impact of microservice compromise
Security policies, secret protection, sandboxing, authentication and encryption, etc.

Containerisation technologies

No matter what platform you use, it’s vital to secure your cloud and container workloads. Our security check expertise covers containerization platforms like:

Container security audit image-1 Kubernetes
Container security audit image-2 OpenShift

Our process:

At the beginning of the project, we will collect all the input and agree on the scope of the audit/pentest.

We keep clients informed in course of the project, providing regular status updates and immediate notifications for critical findings.


A kick-off meeting to agree on the scope, inputs and communication


Cloud pentest (1-3 weeks, depending on the scope)


The final report that highlights the identified container security issues

Our methodology

We employ a combination of well-recognised cloud security guidelines, automated tools and manual verifications.


  • CIS Benchmarks
  • NIST Application Container Security Guide
  • NSA Kubernetes Hardening Guidance
  • … and others


  • Inspection tools for containers based on CIS benchmarks
  • Various open source tooling used where applicable

All outputs of the tools are being triaged with false positives being removed by security experts.

Check how our container security audit report looks like

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